Welcome to the website of the Shimazu Laboratory, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University.

Our laboratory was established when Professor Shimazu was posted to the Human Science Education Center of the Faculty of General Education, Kitasato University in April 2017. Professor Shimazu was then moved to Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management. Our laboratory is working on the following two missions based on psychology and behavioral science.

  1.  To scientifically clarify the factors that balance the health promotion and improvement in productivity for working people and their families and to promote research on the development and effectiveness of intervention methods.
  2.  To help improve the happiness of society as a whole by actively expanding developed technologies to society.

In the Sustainable Development Goals (2015) from the United Nations (UN), health, job satisfaction, and economic growth are set as common global targets, as seen in “3. Health and Welfare for All” and “8. Both Job satisfaction and Economic Growth,” The World Health Organization (WHO) took up “Mental health in the workplace” as the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017, and the WHO has stated that managers and supervisors need to be involved in improving health and productivity, regardless of whether workers have a disability or not.

In Japan, however, socio-economic circumstances for working people are drastically changing. Changes in the structure of industry, advances in information technology, a declining birthrate and an aging population, and an increase in dual income households are common. In response to these changes, there are moves to explore new of working, as seen in “work style reform.”

Our laboratory aims to achieve the three HPs (Health Promotion, Human Performance, and HaPpiness). With work-engagement as a key term, we would like to put innovative research topics that have never been challenged before and to development intervention methods that go beyond conventional boundaries.